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Buying a Home with Zero Money Down

Purchasing a home is a big step in a person’s life. Not only do you need money ahead of the purchase, but you need to be able to pay for the mortgage. If you have been saving money and find it hard to buy a home with the pace you are moving at, consider getting a mortgage with zero money

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Making Money by Flipping Real Estate

Although the real estate market in many areas of the United States is experiencing a downward trend, there are still many ways of making money in this current buyer’s market. One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money with real estate is by selling, or flipping, the real estate.

In a real estate flip, the initial real estate investor buys the real estate at its distressed price. Many times, a great deal can be obtained because many new home buyers are not looking to purchase a fixer-upper home. Since there are less home owners looking to purchase a fixer upper home, there is less demand for these types of homes. Therefore, a price which is considerably below retail value can be negotiated. Depending on the current homeowners current financial situation, a great deal can often be negotiated. Read More

Should You Sell Your Home in a Bad Market?

The current state of the real estate market has many home sellers spooked. Many home sellers as well as real estate investors believe that they cannot sell their homes in a time where homes are sitting on the market for months and sometimes even years before they sell. While this is certainly a reality for many sectors of the country,

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10 Point Checklist to Sell Your Home Fast

If you are looking to get your home off of your hands as quickly as possible, there is a way that you can achieve this without the help of a real estate agent. There are barriers that many homeowners face when it comes to selling their home as quickly as possible. You can avoid these road blocks by adhering to

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The Ins and Outs of Selling Your Home without a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home is difficult, but it becomes increasingly more difficult if you choose to take the route of selling your home on your own. For many homeowners, they know their home in and out since they have been the only people to have lived in it, for that reason, many homeowners feel that they can provide a more in

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Tips On How Sell Your Home Privately

Many homeowners choose to sell their home privately in order to save money as opposed to going through a real estate agent. Research has shown that buyers who decide to sell their home privately can save up to $9000 by going it alone. While this may not be true for every private home seller, you can indeed save more than

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Things to Consider When Showing Your Home for Sale

After you have put in all of the necessary repairs and cleaning effort into your home to ensure that it is up to par for a sale, the next step to completing the sale is actually showing the home to potential buyers. Although you may be enthusiastic about selling your home, the selling process is not so much about you

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